Armed hunter with a dog in the field

Shooting With Your Puppy: Break a Gun Shy Sporting Dog Before its to late


One of the most notable benefits of using steel is its durability. Steel consists of iron with various quantities of carbon, nickel and tungsten among other alloys. Steel also makes use of other alloys and heat treatment to provide you with the ideal shooting target. The levels of hardness in steel targets are influenced by two factors. There is the techniques used to heat and cool it during manufacture and there is also the quantity of alloy and carbon combination within.

Targets with smooth surfaces will need replacing after every shooting practice. This is both expensive and tiresome. Quality steel ensures your surface remains flat making it possible for you to use it in more than one occasion. However, it is very important that you use hard steel to avoid dimples, pits and dents on the surface.


Safety is another factor that makes steel shooting targets the best choice. Whether the targets are moving or stationary, you will be able to avoid bullet splatter during practice. By following instruction on distance limits, you will be able to create an accident free shooting practice session.

Choosing Quality Steel Targets

When buying steel shooting targets, it is very important that you consider the quality of the steel used and the design of the target itself. Poorly designed targets will deform after the first few shots, making them both useless and dangerous. There are various rules to be followed when manufacturing steel targets in order for them to be safe and durable. Unfortunately not all manufacturers adhere to these rules since most of them are simply out to make some money. You are advised to take as much time as possible learning more about a target manufacturer before investing your hard earned money on any of their products.

Armed hunter walking with a dog in the field
Steel shooting

AR500 shooting targets are some of the best in the market for more reasons than one. Shooting Targets 7, a steel shooting target manufacturer in Jackson St, Hudsonville, Mi use computer-programmed robotic cutting equipment to create a shooting target that is likely to serve you for an extended period of time. AR500 shooting targets for pistols are the strongest types of steel targets, designed to handle severe shooting extremes. These types of targets can take heat from powerful weapons such as shotguns rifles and handguns. The abrasion-resistant feature allows you to practice with the same targets for a long time without the need to replace.

Most people enjoy using AR500 shooting targets for the entertainment factor. While most people find it frivolous at first, steel targets can provide endless benefits to your training. You will find the fall, spin, bounce and dodge of the steel target very fun no matter what skill level you are in. This in return sharpens your skills allowing you to gain more from your investment. While many different breeds are capable of hunting various game, here is a list of dog breeds that are notorious hunting dogs, along with the prey that they are known best for capturing.