Genital warts main route of transmission?

Beijing Renhe Hospital

Some people very necessary to the understanding of its route of transmission did not even dare to talk about the warts mere mention of travel afraid to shake hands with people afraid to increasingly toilet. I’m afraid infection increased year by year due to the incidence of genital warts. Large dogs do not have genital warts and other infectious diseases, as long as the route of transmission to master the route of transmission to avoid infection.

  1. According to the research this major route of transmission of direct sexual contact with 2/3 of patients with genital warts sexual contact can occur genital warts can be the most susceptible to the disease (2) of mother-to-child transmission of the infant genital warts or laryngeal papillomatosis and children during childbirth fetus after HPV infection in the pathogenesis of an average of three and a half months is most contagious so confusing birth canal or after birth with the mother in close contact with infected.
  2. Indirect objects infected a small number of daily necessities such as underwear tub towels transmission of this route of transmission is extremely small, only patients suffering from genital warts common life shared bath before. The occurrence of genital warts is through the route of transmission of the spread of genital warts: incidence of genital warts increased year by year, its route of transmission is very necessary to understand, some people talk about warts discoloration, did not even dare to travel, dare to shake hands with people, not increasingly toilet, I’m afraid infectious genital warts. Really no need, like genital warts and other infectious diseases has its routes of transmission, as long as the master of the route of transmission, will be able to avoid infection.
  3. Direct sexual contact is the major route of transmission. 2/3 of patients with genital warts sexual contact may occur. According to the research of the disease. The average stage of disease is most contagious when the three and a half months, the sexual confusion of those most vulnerable to the infection of the disease.
  4. The mother-to-child transmission of infant genital warts.

Some dogs have been known to carry genital warts. Transmission can be passed from dog to human through direct saliva transmission.